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Welcome to this selection of our Bandcamp releases - full edited audiobooks for you to listen to at your leisure. For the full selection, click here...

Oscar Wilde

Short Stories

Our first instalment on Bandcamp, this delightful selection of short stories by Oscar Wilde will be sure to make you smile, and probably cry.

M.R. James

Ghost Stories

One of the undisputed masters of the ghost story, this is a selection of M.R. James' finest chilling tales...prepare to be spooked!

Various authors

Sci-Fi Stories

Did you know Voltaire wrote Science Fiiction? No? Us neither, until we read his witty tale; Micromegas - alongside a Sci-Fi stalwart: H.G. Wells with his story The Star; and the wonderfully named The Tachypomp, by Edward Page Mitchell.

R.L. Stevenson

Jekyll & Hyde

Murder! Horror! Two people in one? Enjoy this classic piece of Victorian literature, with all the atmosphere of a dark and foggy London...

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